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I dream about mountains. There’s something about the way that elevation breaks the horizon and sets the spirit soaring and it is this essence that I’m essentially trying to capture in a way that communicates my own elation. Sometimes I succeed, more often I fail, but it is that endless search for unicorn’s blood that pushes me onwards and upwards. Unlike mountaineers’ dreams that focus largely on the summit, my dreams differ considerably. I am content to be with the mountain and to explore if it will reveal something of itself which I can capture and take away. It’s a process that requires deep patience. The Inuit word ‘quinuituq’ describes this long wait at a seal hole, waiting for prey to surface or the waiting for a lead of open water out on the ice pack to close – simply put, it’s waiting hours for one second or, in my case, waiting years for one second. Not exactly what you’d want to base a business model on but success still has its rewards.

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