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His name is synonymous with stunning panoramas of Scotland, but a childhood fascination with ornithology has come full circle for Colin Prior. This year he is preparing to publish a new book on a more intimate aspect of the natural world. While internationally acclaimed for his visionary landscape photography, most recently the 62-year-old has been exploring the habitats of wild birds. His new book, Fragile, will reveal just how vulnerable to change the UK’s birds really are. “My first love was birds,” Colin says. “From a young age, I had an innate fascination with birdlife, especially in my home country. “But, over the decades, there has been a huge decline in bird species, including tree sparrow, corn bunting, starling and cuckoo, to name a few. “Their UK populations have been affected by more efficient farming methodology, habitat loss, the building of houses and retail parks and, increasingly, climate change.” Fragile has seen Colin photographing eggs, all part of a research collection held at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Each painstakingly photographed image of an egg is presented with a dramatic image of a wild habitat...

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