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A giant of British landscape photography, “mountain man” Colin Prior is perhaps best known for his advertising images of his native Scotland. Emblazoned in broadsheets, corporate campaigns and coffee-table tomes, these were the classic pictures that made his name. They speak of a “golden age” when photographic commissions were done on huge budgets, manual film cameras and without the need to compete with viral pot-shots on social media.

But throughout his four-decade career Prior, has also worked on a sustained gnarly side-project involving repeated self-funded expeditions into the heart of Pakistan’s Karakoram mountains. Home of the menacing K2 – the second tallest mountain on Earth – Prior says that the peaks are among ‘the world’s greatest natural treasures’. Part of a complex of Central Asian ranges that includes the Hindu Kush to the west and the Himalayas to the south-east, the Karakoram are the world’s most secret mountains, rarely visited by either photographer or mountaineer, difficult to get to and almost impossible to survive in.

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