Over the past two years I have worked closely with The Whisky Shop. Having embarked on an ambitious programme of expansion I was approached by Andrew Torrance, their MD, to photograph the interiors of the new flagship store in Piccadilly, opposite the Ritz.

The space is divided into three distinct sections – ‘show me’, ‘tell me’ and ‘sell me’. The first of these rooms, ‘show me’, features key whisky houses, distillers and product brands. In appreciation of the rich heritage and expertise of the product, the spirits are presented in the same way as a fine perfume.The ‘tell me’ room centres on the educational aspect of the consumer experience. This room explains the process of making whisky, such as how the flavours are created, the importance of the ageing process, and how this impacts on the sensory experiences of taste and smell. The third room acts as a library of whisky, where customers can choose from a vast selection of the most prestigious whiskies in the world. Lighting is used to highlight key features and the bottles themselves, to convey more depth to the blend.

Client: The Whisky Shop
Design Consultancy: GP Studio