Inspired by Nan Shepherd’s original book, I have embarked on a four-year project, which will explore my own relationship with mountains through images and words. My inspiration is derived from the relationships between the elements of the natural world and what I seek to discover is insight into the mountain’s many moods – ‘to know’, as Nan wrote ‘its essential nature with the knowledge that is a process of living.’

I vividly recall an overnight bivouac on the Cuillin Ridge close to the summer solstice. Lying flat-out on the gabbro rock – the remnants of a giant magma chamber, I stared into the heavens trying to make sense of what I could see. Stars in galaxies, too distant for the mind to grasp, flickered in the night sky and as I peered out into the void, I experienced a moment when distance and time become one. I felt so infinitesimally small in this Archean space and yet, it is our own consciousness that ignited the plains of space and our senses that shaped this sense of wonder. It is my hope that my photographs capture even the tiniest part of this awe and take us on a journey that seems every bit as distant as the stars.

Scotland Glen Etive Ben Starav Loch Tulla by Colin Prior