Lost property field of wheat

Many years ago, before the advent of digital photography, I annually submitted panoramic transparencies to the business-to-business calendar publisher Bemrose for selection. They published a corporate version of my panoramic wall and desk calendars, which were subsequently overprinted and branded, with the logos of individual companies.

On one occasion, one of my transparencies was never returned and I erroneously received the image of another photographer, which I duly returned. I live in hope that out there somewhere, there’s a photographer, who unknowingly, has as my original transparency. The image entitled Barleyfield and Thunderstorm was taken less than half a mile from where I lived at the time in Milngavie and features a striking contrast between the golden field of barley and a leaden sky. Above is a duplicate taken from a print and a bottle of single malt whisky awaits the photographer who may be holding it.