British Airways

Two of a series of images I shot for British Airways to showcase people in their environment. The image of the Inuit, Joavee Alivaktut was shot in Pangnirtung Fjord, Baffin Island and his clothing, made by his wife, is of caribou skin, which gives the very best insulation in extremely low temperatures – each hair on the skin is hollow and expands to trap body heat.

Driving through Samburu District in northern Kenya, I was immediately struck by the posture of this young Samburu warrior as he stood on a rock outcrop watching over his cattle. We stopped immediately and after some light-hearted negotiations he agreed to be photographed. I was keen for him to strike his original pose and arranged the camera position to create almost a silhouette – I particularly liked the shock of his red shukaagainst the blue skyas it was backlit by the sun.
Client: British Airways Design